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St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Same Day Edit

St. Jude leads the way in finding cures for childhood cancer Every year, St. Jude partners with home builders across the country to build houses and raise money to cure childhood cancer. The program has raised over $400 million nation-wide since it began. For the last 5 years, SLAM! has been able to partner with…

MySTL Video Trailer

Are you West County? Are you Norco? Are you Southside? It doesn’t matter. When it comes down to it, we’re all #STL. We’re all 3-1-4 (well… except for you 636ers but that doesn’t really count anyway). Here’s what we think about when we think about #mySTL.

Hoffmann Brothers Television Commercials

Hoffmann Brothers came to SLAM! with a challenge to rethink HVAC advertising and we answered the call. Rather than the typical (local cable company-produced) boring commercial, we upped the ante and doubled down on the emotional appeal. If you’re looking to captivate, motivate and inspire your market through emotionally-driven content, SLAM! is your team. Contact us today to discover how we partner with your brand to create more happy customers.

Dr. Brown’s, Nawgum and Rachel’s Remedy

Dr. Brown’s called us in to help shape the story of their partner services through the eyes of two unique products, Nawgum Teether and Rachel’s Remedy. We wanted to know their individual “why” as well as the product pitch and how Dr. Brown’s was able to help them get their ideas off the ground.

Mai Lee Story Video

We were overwhelmed with admiration for Lee Tran, founder of Mai Lee, after sitting down with her to discuss her journey to America and the opening of St. Louis’ first Vietnamese restaurant. We were already fans of her food, but after this brand story video, we fell in love with her spirit.

The Story of Enterprise Village

Our Florida content marketing team had an opportunity to sit down with the businesses and organizations which work together to make Enterprise Village a success. In this video, you can take a walk through the shopping mall-ish village. Watch students work in one of the 20+ businesses, take breaks, receive paychecks and be customers as they make purchases in the storefronts. Talk about a real world education!

Life Happens Here Campaign

A homebuilder’s advertising should assist the buyer in imagining what it would be like to live in their new home. When you can actually put them there in mind, you have set in motion the forces required to get them there in real life. In this 2016 Life Happens Here campaign for Payne Family Homes, we linked the joys of everyday life with the experience of living in a Payne Family home. This created a positive association in the consumer’s mind and allowed our client to create strong emotional connections in the market.

Four Same Day Video Edits + 1300 People = National Hashtag Trending

The Midwest Digital Marketing Conference made history with its hashtag (#MDMC16) trending nationally on Twitter for most of the day yesterday. This was the result of four same-day video edits that we produced and distributed on Twitter throughout the day. Our videos showcased the exhibit hall, live band, deejays, food trucks and countless educational sessions featuring speakers from Google, Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook. We utilized drones, time lapses, and other amazing effects to create highlight reels that captured the emotion of the event.

Confluence Kombucha

We’re big fans of all things healthy, and drinking kombucha is one of the best things you can do for your body. We’re also big fans of people like William Thomas Pauley, owner of Confluence Kombucha. When we met William, we were captivated by his vision and passion for kombucha. This is his story.