Your Top 6 Digital Marketing Trends

Today, we’re going to run through the TOP 6 marketing topics you, the audience, want to hear about! Each week our hosts, Tyler Kelley and Michael Johnson, share marketing trends, best practices, and ideas to help your business or brand grow. This week we are looking back at our 45+ episodes to discuss the top 6 topics you engaged with and wanted to know the most about. 

The TOP 6 #WeAreSlam Show topics:

  1. Podcasting 101 
    1. How they can help grow your brand and the major pitfalls to avoid when creating one.
  2. Pay-Per-Click
    1. How much should you be spending for PPC?
  3. Instagram
    1. Content and engagement tips that businesses can take with them on their brand and how to elevate their own Instagram profiles.
  4. Media Buying 101
    1. How NOT to get ripped off when buying television or radio ads.
  5. B2B Google Best Practices
    1. Learn about the changing persona of B2B buyers and what this change means for your business.
  6. Increasing Conversion Rates
    1. Revealing our #1 tip for increasing conversion rates: creating relevant content.

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