How Much Money Should You Spend on PPC?

PPC can be a powerful marketing tool. But before you can determine how much to invest you have to decide if it’s the right choice for your brand or business.

Today, we’re answering the question, how much should I spend for Pay-per-click (PPC)? Actually, the budget for PPC should be the last part of the equation. There’s three questions you must answer first:

  1. Is my buyer persona going to respond to a PPC ad?
  2. What messaging is going to make sense to turn this persona into a lead?
  3. When evaluating all your touch-points  – does your unique selling proposition work in all of those touch-points?

While discussing the significance of these three questions we covered a lot of ground when it comes to marketing and consumer behavior. We also talked about:

  • Researching buyer personas and target markets
  • Determining if your audience will click on an ad
  • Taking the buyer persona into account when creating messaging
  • Ensuring your messaging will result in a lead
  • The goal of PPC
  • When somebody does a search they see an ad with three components:
    • Headline
    • Description
    • URL
  • The headline & description being key-factors in click-through
  • The importance of having a unified message with PPC
  • The 1st thing on the landing page: a headline that confirms to the user that they made the right decision
  • The headline should be relevant to:
    • The initial search
    • The problem the user has
  • A good landing page should present a compelling offer
  • Touch-points don’t end with the lead filling out a form
  • Using automation to reinforce that leads made the right decision
  • Why retargeting is so important
  • Conversion rate optimization on your landing page
  • Incremental improvements over time

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