The Number One Tip to Increasing Your Conversion Rate

Having a healthy conversion rate is so important for marketing success: It increases your revenue per visitor and lowers your customer acquisition costs. So, what’s the big secret to pushing your conversion rate higher?

Today, we’re giving you our number one tip for improving your conversion rate. As you may know, conversion rate is the percentage of people who complete the desired action on each page of your site. We’re all spending money on advertising and want to see a better return on our marketing dollars – how do we improve our conversion rate? By creating content that’s relevant to your product or service offering.

While discussing how to create relevant content, we covered a lot of ground when it comes to consumer awareness, user experience, and organic search. We also talked about:

  • The importance of each page of your site having a goal
  • Relevant content being specific to who you’re advertising to
  • Right place, right time, right person
  • How you can utilize the marketing Holy Grail
  • Four stages of consumer awareness
    • Not aware
    • Problem aware
    • Solution aware
    • Brand aware
  • At any given time:
    • 3% of your market is ready to buy
    • 67% are not ready to buy.
    • 30% will never be your customers
    • The 67% are not aware of the problem, the solution or the brand
  • How to make someone problem aware
  • Not convincing someone they have a problem when they’re not aware of the problem
  • Search examples for “not aware” consumers seeking information
  • Creating content that would be picked up in organic search
  • Not spending money on paid search at the problem aware stage
  • Creating content that would appear in organic search for problem aware people and nothing more
  • Offering solutions to people that have discovered their problem
  • Ensuring your landing pages for search terms address the solution to the searched problem
  • Framing your products as the solution
  • Taking consumers through the whole process to become brand aware
  • Brand aware people being ready to buy now
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