Google’s B2B Marketing Best Practices

At this year’s Google Partners event, we learned about the changing persona of B2B buyers and what this change means for your business if you’re in this marketing space.

Welcome to our very first episode of The #WeAreSlam Show!

In today’s episode, co-founders Tyler Kelley and Dusty Kelley discuss the recent Google Partner’s event about B2B marketing strategy.

They cover:

  • Current B2B marketing information, stats, and studies
  • What the new B2B buyer looks like
  • The curiosity of business buyers
  • Buyers are now more self directed when researching
  • How to create content and optimize for search during the learning phase
  • Losing sales by withholding information on landing pages

“If you withhold information, you’re potentially losing the sale right up front.” — Tyler Kelley

  • Defining buyer assistance according to Google’s terms
  • B2B buyers are impatient
  • People spend more than 11 hours per day online
  • The necessity of fast websites on mobile
  • Creating experiences that leave a positive impression on customers
  • Relevance in search
  • Creating lead generation forms on your site that convert potential customers
To effectively sell to B2B customers, start by making sure your site loads fast. If they're on the site and want to covert, you need to have forms that require as little information as possible. Click To Tweet

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