Part II: How much should you spend on PPC?

In part I of our PPC series we gave you a method to determine if it’s right for your marketing efforts. Now we’ll give you a methodology for determining a PPC budget.

Today, we’re back with part two of, how much should you be spend on PPC? If you missed part one, watch it here:

In last weeks foundational episode, we gave you three questions to consider when setting up a PPC campaign. This week we’re going to be talking about how to set your PPC budget.  Determining a sound PPC budget is a three-step process:

  1. Finding out how people search
  2. Determining how much of the market you can reach
  3. Setting budget numbers

While discussing these three steps we covered a lot of ground when it comes to buyer personas, using data, and keywords. We also talked about:

  • Buyer personas being data-driven
  • Searching keywords as your buyer would
  • Using the buyer-mindset to build keyword lists
  • Figuring out where in the buying-cycle your buyer is based on keywords
  • Avoiding spending money on people in the educational phase
  • Prioritizing words where the intent is ready to buy now
  • Use negative keywords to save money
  • Educating future buyers – just not with PPC money
  • Segmenting geographically with Google Keyword tool
  • 1st budgeting step: Knowing how much it costs to reach the entire market
  • Keyword tool being notoriously light in traffic estimates
  • The three different types of matches for Google AdWords
  • How beneficial the data you get from AdWords is
  • How Google budgets your money by limiting audience impressions
  • Navigating the data you’re receiving in real-time
  • Avoiding a, “set and forget” mentality in PPC
  • Partnering with a marketing agency that’s a Google Partner
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