How To Win With Content In 2020

Today, we are talking about content marketing and providing important tips on how to win in 2020. Living in a content-driven world, it often feels like we, as marketers, can never put out enough. The struggle to keep up can be difficult, but just remember consistency is key when creating content. In this episode, Tyler and Michael are discussing the many ways you can focus in on content marketing for the new year and showing you how you can make the most of what you’re already creating! 

We discuss:

  • We are living in a content-driven world
  • Gary Vee discusses not being able to put out as much content as he would like, even with a huge team of people to help him
  • Finding a balance between putting out perfect content & putting out enough content
  • Perfection will paralyze you from doing anything
  • Understand that you will never put out as much content as you’d probably like
    • This might seem negative, but it’s actually going to help the quality of your content to become better, rather than be rushed to hit a certain number
  • Consistency is key when creating content
  • Define who you are creating content for (your buyer personas)
    • Figure out your messaging for each persona at each stage of the sales process
    • Learn how to build a buyer persona here
  • Understand the buyer journey:
    • Information gathering
    • Discovery
    • Decision
  • The importance of defining your buyer personas and understanding their buyer journey before creating content
  • Creating an editorial calendar
    • This allows your team to consistently produce repeatable content
  • 3 questions to ask yourself when creating content:
    • Who? – Who are you creating for?
    • What? – What types of content does your audience respond to?
    • Where? – Where should you put the content? 
      • IMPORTANT: the “Who?” should determine where you post
  • Importance of long form content 
  • Reshaping your long form content into more content 
    • Social posts, story content, eblast content, blogs, etc.
    • The content still needs to be relevant to the “Who?” regardless of how much you can make
  • Banner content lives forever on the internet
    • Available to come up in search engines

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