Building a Buyer Persona

Today, we’re going to share the most effective method of building a buyer persona. The best way to accomplish the holy grail of marketing (right person, right place, right time, right message) is by starting with finding out WHO that “right person” is. In this episode, Michael and Tyler walk you through choosing who your “right person” is, how to define their market segments, and what to do once you have your personas figured out. 

We discuss:

  • Who is your “right person”?
    • Someone you enjoy working with
    • Someone who enjoys working with you
    • Someone who is profitable 
  • IMPORTANT: Do not try to be all things to all people
  • Start with market segmentation and define each of the following types:
    • Demographic
      • This should be more than just age, race, gender, etc. 
      • Get more detailed with job industry, job title, etc.
    • Geographic
      • Double check that your demo exists within the area you want to target and if not, look elsewhere
    • Psychographic
      • What are their challenges, pain-points, values, and goals?
    • Behavior
      • What is their social presence, where do they shop, where do they spend their time, etc.
  • Once you can clearly define all of the types of market segments, you can start to finalize your personas
  • It can be helpful to think of someone you know and use their name for your persona, instead of choosing a cheesy name like Sally Shopper or Mike Marketer
  • Your next step in marketing to your personas is to think about what their objections might be to your product or service

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