Will you ever create enough content for your brand?

Do you ever feel like you can’t create enough content for your brand or business to truly be effective online?

Today, we’re discussing what it takes for a business to be successful in online marketing and the questions you should be asking when creating content:

  • Who
  • What
  • Where

While discussing how to answer these questions and what the answers mean for content creation, we also talked about:

  • Finding a balance between putting out perfect content & putting out enough content
  • Perfection will paralyze you from doing anything
  • Don’t make choices on content based on what your competitors are doing
  • Using the data available to make decisions

“There just isn’t enough resources, enough bandwidth, enough time to do everything that you should be doing. So, as marketers, we really have to decide what types of content are going to have the best results for our businesses and our objectives.”- Tyler Kelley

  • Account based marketing
  • How it can help you answer your 3 ?’s
  • Don’t ignore social media because you’re B2B
  • Importance of long form content
  • Reshaping your long form content into more content
  • Social posts, Story content, Eblast content, etc
  • Banner content lives forever on the internet
When it comes to content creation for your brand- perfect is the enemy of good. Don't focus on making your content perfect, get it out into the world and focus on making the next piece. Click To Tweet

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