Two Things Every Video Must Have

When you’re a marketer, there’s a big difference between making video content and making effective video content. Do your videos have the essential components?

Today we’re talking about the two things you absolutely must have when you’re creating effective video. In this episode, SLAM! digital producer Michael Baker and co-founder Tyler Kelley discuss effective video in a digital world. SPOILER ALERT: the two must-haves for effective video are Attention and Engagement.

They also discuss:

    • 50% of current network traffic is video
  • The accessibility of DSLR cameras and cell phones
  • To make an effective video you need to grab attention in the first 3-5 seconds
  • Ways to get attention of viewers scrolling through social feed
  • Knowing your audience and appealing to them
  • Appealing to emotion and using it as engagement point
Over 50% of current network traffic is video. It's a powerful tool for brand and business, but only if used effectively. To create great video content you must know your audience and create video that appeals to their emotions to promote… Share on X
  • Allstate insurance mayhem commercials
  • Budweiser Dilly Dilly commercials
  • Tugging at the heartstrings during holiday and super bowl commercials
  • Social media content will work on TV, but not the other way around

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