Is TikTok Right For Your Business?

Today, we’re going to discuss whether or not TikTok is the next big social media network. With over 800 million monthly active users worldwide, TikTok is taking the social media landscape by storm. But is this Gen-Z dominated app where your brand needs to be? In this episode, Michael and Tyler break down this shiny new app to help you discover if it’s right for your brand to build a presence on or if you should avoid the shiny new object and stick to where your target audience is. 

We discuss:

  • What is TikTok?
    • Formally known as
    • The company pivoted from being just a lipsyncing dance app to a full creative video social platform
    • ⅔ of the users are 25 and under
    • Over 800 million monthly active users worldwide
  • Many popular influencers and some celebrities are creating accounts to grow a presence on the app
  • Advertisers are starting to spend money for in-app ads and sponsored posts with popular creators
  • Right now, there are more users than content on the app
    • This allows for better organic reach for all users
  • Since organic reach has gone down so much on Instagram, many users are transitioning to TikTok for their creative content
  • Popular features of TikTok:
    • Dance challenges
    • Hashtag challenges
    • Duet videos with other users
  • Should your brand be on TikTok?
    • Yes, if your brand would normally target younger demographics 
    • No, if your demographic is older and maybe the parents of these TikTok users
  • Avoid going after the shiny object, just because it’s new 
  • Focus on putting your brand in the right place with the right people instead of automatically chasing what’s hot and new
  • A large following doesn’t matter if those followers are not people who can/will buy from you
  • When a new app comes out and is gaining a lot of traction and attention, you should still set up an account and claim your username
    • Doing this is similar to purchasing your domain name for your website
    • It allows you to have a secured account name if the app pivots or becomes something your brand wants to pursue in the future

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