The 9 Most Effective Types of Video

Today, we’re talking about our favorite types of video. We have narrowed down the best 9 video types that will be the most effective for your brand or business. In general, people have two motivations to watch a video: to be entertained OR to be educated. In this episode, Michael and Tyler are going to break down the 9 different types and explain how they can benefit your marketing and branding efforts. 

The TOP 9 types of video:

9. Highlight Video

  • Effective for events, conferences, festivals, & things that only happen 1-2X/year
  • Fun, upbeat music
  • Flashy look and feel
  • Not a lot of story, but more so to show off something your brand did

8. Teaser Video

  • Usually comes out of a longer form piece of content
  • Typically very short on purpose to get people to go to the long form version

7. Product Review Video

  • A video for people in your industry, not about a product you sell
    • Ex. reviewing a social media management platform that you use
  • Something that could bring increase to prospects

6. Explainer Video

  • Best used for startups and new businesses that need to explain what they do in their own words
  • Explain what you’re doing to help change the world 

5. Tutorial or How-To Video

  • Educating the viewer
  • What is your prospect searching for? Make a video about it! 

4. Vlog

  • Documenting what you do in your daily life or business life
  • Effective for building a strong following/audience who have interest in your brand
  • Showing the personality of the brand or business through the employees

3. Interview Video

  • Interview experts or authorities in your industry that will be a resource to your potential customers
  • Interview videos are a great way to grow your own audience

2. Brand Story Video

  • Give your audience context for why you exist from a big-picture POV
  • Should include your mission and values
  • Include customers and shareholders to help tell your story
  • Emotion and purpose are key

1. Testimonial Video

  • Third party videos about your business are typically going to be more effective because they’re more believable than you talking about yourself
  • Gives people a positive outlook on your brand from a different perspective 

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