The Big Secret to Selling On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network and presents unique opportunities for individuals and businesses alike. Despite being such a powerful platform, most are just barely scraping the surface of what it’s capable of.

Today, we’re giving away the big secret to selling on LinkedIn: Don’t do it. Social selling doesn’t mean flooding people’s inboxes with product and service offers. Instead, you can use the unique opportunities LinkedIn provides for high levels of organic reach and engagement. We’ll give you two hacks for reaching more people and promoting engagement with your content, one tip for personal accounts and one tip for companies:

  • For individuals: Build your personal brand by liking, sharing, commenting and engaging with content that will build your personal brand
  • For companies:  Have your employees interact with your LinkedIn content on their personal accounts to boost reach and engagement

While discussing these two tips, we covered a lot of ground when it comes to providing value, social selling, and best networking practices. We also talked about:

  • LinkedIn being incredibly focused in its scope
  • Knowing how to work the system to take advantage of organic reach
  • Selling offers becoming a non-factor on LinkedIn
  • Why spamming hurts your brand and credibility
  • Focusing on engagement through authentic human interaction
  • Making educated guesses on LinkedIn algorithm based on evidence
  • Providing value to other users as an individual
  • Strategic post engagement for networking
  • The difference between comment spam and thoughtful comments
  • When trying to interact, think of “you” language
  • Using your employees to engage with your LinkedIn content
  • How healthy company culture encourages employees engagement
  • What “social selling” really means
The secret to selling on LinkedIn? Don’t. Focus on providing value to potential customers, doing research and prospecting leads. Sales will follow. Share on X

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