The 5 Biggest Barriers to Sales and Marketing Alignment

Today, we’re going to talk about the 5 BIGGEST barriers to sales and marketing alignment. Often times your sales and marketing teams are laser-focused on their own work, but aligning the 2 teams will boost your business and create a seamless collaboration within your organization. In this episode, Tyler and Michael walk through the 5 biggest barriers your organization is facing when trying to create sales and marketing alignment and how you can break through those barriers for future success. 

The 5 biggest barriers: 

  1. Different systems 
    • The 2 teams might work in different systems 
    • There are solutions that can combine sales and marketing so that your team can work collaboratively in one system
      • HubSpot is a great example of a solution that can do this well
  2. No shared language
    • Marketing people tend to be more creative and sales people tend to be more business focused, which creates 2 types of languages in your organization
    • When both teams use an alignment system’s terminology they can be using a shared language
  3. Incorrect data
    • Not providing complete data on a lead’s contact information 
    • It’s important to have complete data on your leads because it tells the entire team who that person is
  4. Poor communication
    • Being set up in a system that allows for good alignment doesn’t help if the teams are not communicating within or even outside that system
  5. Wrong or undefined KPIs
    • Different teams are held accountable for different KPIs, but when aligning these teams you need to have shared KPIs for the big picture
    • The shared KPIs need to be in the best interest of the organization and less about the individual teams

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