The 6 Principles of Persuasion and Influence

Today, we’re going to talk about the psychology of influence. To become an effective digital marketer, you must master the foundational marketing principles that have stood the test of time. In today’s new episode, we are discussing the six principles of persuasion, authored by Dr. Robert Cialdini, so you can have a deeper understanding of why people buy.

We discuss:

  • The foundations of digital marketing
  • Attending Affiliate Summit West as an early digital marketer
  • Meeting Robert Cialdini, National Bestelling Author of Influence
  • The six principles of persuasion
    • 1. Reciprocity
      • Responding to one positive action with another positive action; repaying kind actions
      • How this can break self-interest mindset
      • Provide something of value, and the user will add value back
      • Anytime you invoke reciprocity, it is not always a 1:1 exchange
      • Reciprocity can come back to you as a referral
    • 2. Scarcity: 
      • Providing a limited time offer
      • FOMO: Fear of Missing Out
      • Principle must be used ethically
    • 3. Authority: 
      • Any awards or recognitions you’ve received
      • Posting your credentials on your website
      • Sharing how your content was posted by well known brands
      • The need of high ranking articles or videos
    • 4. Consistency
      • Getting small commitments first, such as an e-mail
      • You are more likely to complete a full form if you start with small commitments first
      • Highlight their past behavior (e.g. past buyers)
    • 5. Liking
      • People buy from those they know, trust, and like
      • People like people they see frequently
      • Engage in group conversations in your niche
    • 6. Consensus
      • Social proof, testimonials, case studies
      • Asking clients for a short clip or testimonial

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