4 Reasons Your Podcast Will Fail In 2020

Today, we’re going to reveal the TOP 4 reasons the podcast you’re getting ready to launch in 2020 will fail. Next year it is predicted that half of all brands are going to try to start a podcast, but only 20% of those brands are predicted to be successful. However, if done well, your brand can reap some major benefits from having a podcast, such as: increased discoverability, built authority in your niche, addition content to use, and even increased revenue. In this episode, Tyler and Michael are going to explain the top 4 reasons why the podcast you’re getting ready to launch next year could fail and provide some tips on how to beat the odds. 

The TOP 4 reasons a podcast will fail: 

  1. Lack of focus
    • Create value by being focused on your topic
    • Ensure the topic is something your listeners will want to listen to
    • Think about your market segments, buyer personas, and unique selling propositions when coming up with topics and discussion
  2. Lack of quality
    • Poor audio quality can distract and turn away listeners
    • Relevancy of topics is important to the quality of your show, too
  3. Lack of execution
    • Give it a try for at least 90 days and see if it’s something you and your team can handle
    • Put systems in place so that each episode has a smooth production and distribution process
    • Put in the work and effort early to make sure you have something you can sustain weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.
  4. Lack of distribution
    • 2020 is a big year in terms of media (i.e. political elections and the world olympics)
    • Advertising rates are going to be extremely high and spots are going to be hard to find if you’re not a big brand with a big budget
    • You will need to get a jumpstart on your podcast now
    • If you wait until after the new year to launch, you might get lost in the overcrowded media for 2020 events
    • Create some momentum and spread the word early

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