No One Cares About You: A Marketing Truth

Today, we’re going to share a piece of advice that will take you from average to all-star when it comes to marketing copy, ad campaigns, sales letters, etc….and that is that nobody cares about you. Now, don’t take this as a personal attack. What we mean is that consumers don’t care about your product or service or its features or benefits – what they care about is themselves. Once you understand this consumer mindset, you’ve unlocked a major key! 🔑

We discuss:

  • “People aren’t interested in you, they’re interested in themselves.” – Dale Carnegie
  • Everyone’s favorite frequency: WIIFM (What’s In It For Me)
  • Once you understand WIIFM, you can start to integrate this into your messaging and let consumers know what your product or service has to offer them.
  • The customer should ALWAYS be the hero of the story
  • HACK: go through your marketing and sales messages and look for these words…
    • I, me, my, we, ours
    • Replace the above list with words like: you, your, and yours
  • Using “you” language and directing your messaging to the reader will grab their attention
  • Ask yourself, “How does my product or service make my customer’s life better?”
    • If you can answer this, then you’re on the path to marketing success

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