Marketing in Real Life (#IRL)

In marketing, when we leave the digital world behind, what is the perception of your brand #IRL and why does it matter?

Lately you’ve probably heard the term or seen the hashtag #IRL, but what does it mean? IRL stands for in real life, and in marketing it’s how your brand shows up when you’re not in the digital world. In today’s episode we’re talking about making an impact and building community in real life. Join SLAM! Agency Co-founder Tyler Kelley and Digital Producer Valeria Rodriguez as they discuss showing up IRL.

Some details we discuss:

  • The challenge of impacting the world as a creative
  • Cultivating community
  • Cultivating passion
  • Networking and showing genuine interest in others
  • The shop small movement
  • Our responsibility and power as creatives to share stories and change narratives for the better
  • How your online values translate to real life
  • Val’s coloring book
  • The badvent calendar
  • Giving in exchange for opportunity
  • Bartering and trading in small business
  • Fashion blogger Kayra Merrills
We have a responsibility, as marketers and storytellers, to create an inclusive and genuine narrative in our communities and brands #irl. Share on X

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