Marketing and Sales Funnels Demystified

When used effectively, marketing funnels are a valuable tool, but are you maximizing the revenue you’re getting out of each customer?

Today, we’re talking about how marketing or sales funnels work and how to use them effectively, we also talked about:

Digital advertising is never going to be as cheap or as good of an opportunity as it is today.” – Michael T Johnson

  • How professional services use funneling
  • Drip marketing & education
  • Making someone a buyer when they wouldn’t traditionally be one
  • Avoiding spending money on non-spenders
  • Targeting spenders
  • Upselling and downselling
  • Value ladder
Marketing funnels are an essential tool for differentiating buyers from non-buyers and allowing you to focus on customers that are willing to spend money with you. Share on X

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Angela Caputa, Director of Marketing

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