10 Elements Your Landing Page MUST Have For High Conversion

Today, we’re going to discuss what a quality landing page looks like, and what it does for your business. The landing page is designed to accomplish a specific goal for your business, whatever that may be. Almost everyone has ended up on a landing page before amidst their online searching, but sometimes these pages can really get on your nerves. That doesn’t have to be the case, however, if you properly target prospects and send them to pages that are relevant to their specific needs. In this episode, Michael and Tyler talk about the roles of a landing page and share the most important elements that a landing page needs to be effective.

Elements of an effective landing page include:

  1. Unique sources of traffic 
    • Your landing page will receive visitors that have been sent from different places
    • The original link they clicked on has to be relevant to the page they are brought to
  2. Goals and valuable offers
    • Bringing prospects to your landing page must do something beneficial for your business
  3. Attention grabbing headlines
    • You want viewers to see headlines that are relevant to their original search
    • Headlines should be interesting and entice viewers to read further
  4. Relevant and compelling images/videos
    • Viewers should SEE people on your landing page that look like them
    • Images and videos on your landing page should generally be positive
  5. Clear and concise copy
    • Capture viewer’s attention further than the headline by creating concise, scannable copy
    • It should be easy for viewers to quickly read your copy, you should favor shorter lines over blocky paragraphs
  6. Landing page forms
    • The longer a form is, the less likely people are to complete it
    • Typically, you will want to include shorter forms to interest more people
    • Sometimes, to eliminate those who are further away in the buying process, you may intentionally lengthen one of your forms
  7. Call-to-Action buttons
    • If a landing page does not include a form, it is probably a pre-frame page that includes a “call-to-action” button to take you to the form
    • Color, text, and placement of a button can have a big impact on conversion rates
  8. Social proof/trust indicators
    • Items proving that you are who you say you are and you’re trustworthy 
    • Show prospects that other people similar to them have just done whatever it is that you want them to do
    • Share testimonials or statistics to prove you are reliable 
    • Trust indicators include titles that prove your reliability, such as BBB accreditations 
    • Include these on your landing page to gain credibility
  9. Automated follow-up system
    • Communication that occurs AFTER an action
    • Recapture leads
    • Lead prospects to desired action
  10. Analytics
    • Analyzing functions of your landing page is key to making necessary changes
    • Tools such as Crazy Egg allow you to view the actions of a customer on your website, such as the pattern in which they view your content, their mouse placement, and scrolling habits
  11. Note: what a landing page should NOT include, is any external link

SLAM! Agency’s recommended landing page tools:

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