Unleashing the Power of Suggestion with Joe Vitale, Buying Trances

Today we are going to talk about some techniques you can apply right now to help your business grow. We have talked about the importance of marketers understanding how sales work. We know that the responsibility of increasing revenue rests squarely on marketers and their capacity to master the sales process. So, in the tradition of “reading to lead,” we have discovered another great book to help you achieve your initiatives. In this episode, Tyler expands on the power of the human mind, what that means for marketers, and more key takeaways from Joe Vitale’s book, Buying Trances.

We discuss:

  • Some science on perception and techniques that will increase your ability to align with your market:
    • The power of suggestion
    • The Halo Effect
    • The power of agreement 
    • Being non confrontational
    • Making an unusual claim
    • State something that is impossible 
  • Applying these principles in your copywriting can and will benefit your marketing strategy 
  • Understand that, as humans, we are all just running on programming
  • Check out this hidden gem for more fascinating tips:

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