Is HubSpot Marketing Right for You?

Traditional marketing tactics are slowly dying; we’re skipping commercials, we’re screening calls, and unwanted emails are never seen. HubSpot has a solution – let the buyer come to you.

Today, we’re giving you 3 questions to help you to determine if HubSpot Inbound Marketing is right for your brand or business. Inbound marketing is based on attracting attention by providing value to a potential customer through the creation of content that answers their question or solves their problem. To decide if it’s a good purchasing decision for you, we’ve developed three questions to ask yourself:

  1. Does you business fit an inbound marketing model?
  2. Is your business selling a low-involvement product (coffee cup, t-shirt, etc.) or, is there a significant buying process before a purchasing decision is made?
  3. How much are you investing in marketing?

While discussing these three questions, we covered a lot of ground when it comes to inbound marketing, and the value of content. We also talked about:

  • How the type of website you have effects inbound marketing effectiveness
  • You website’s goal – sale or funnel
  • The heart of lead generation
  • Macy’s as an example of a non path-to-purchase website
  • Understanding the path-to-purchase
  • Why service-based business benefit more from inbound marketing
  • Options for creators/owners of a product or service with a long buying process
  • Resellers not benefitting from inbound marketing
  • Why budgeting is a huge factor in deciding if inbound marketing is appropriate for you
  • Using your financial investment to  leverage the tools HubSpot gives you
  • What you must have to make HubSpot work for you
  • What to do if you’re not a visionary when it comes to inbound marketing
  • Your two options for HubSpot if you meet all the other qualifications
People want to buy products and services from brands they know and trust. Inbound marketing is an opportunity for your business to attract new potential-buyers and grow trust. Share on X

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