Is email list marketing dead in 2019?

Your email list used to be the pinnacle of traffic and had a high value to your marketing efforts, but is it still relevant?

Today, we’re answering the question, is email marketing still relevant in 2019? In deciding email’s value we’ll talk about where it fits into the three types of traffic that marketers deal with:

  • Traffic you buy
  • Traffic you control
  • Traffic you own

While discussing email’s value and the three types of traffic, we also talked about:

  • Email regulations for marketers
  • Disappearance of organic traffic on social media
  • The 50/50 principle of traffic you control
  • How email consumption has changed
  • Declining click-through rates
  • The best current option

“The best way to sell a product online right now is by creating audiences that you advertise to.”- Tyler Kelley

  • Likes and follows mean nothing
  • Buying audiences on social media vs traditional media a few years ago
  • Targeting audiences and then re-targeting
  • How you can still use your email list on social
For marketers, your email list isn't useless. But, the best way to use it has changed. Take your list and target your audience through Facebook and Google. Share on X

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