How To Drive Sales From Your Podcast

Today, we’re going to talk about how to drive sales with your business podcast. Audio and podcasting have been a hot trend for a while and the popularity is only continuing to grow. Having a business podcast can have some major benefits for your brand. In this episode, Tyler and Michael discuss 3 major keys to podcast distribution: streaming presence, getting a podcast website or dedicated page, and posting consistency. 

We discuss:

  • #1 benefit to podcasts: discoverability
    • Get found easier on social media and in search engines 
  • Create content that is valuable to your customers (What are they searching for?)
  • 3 keys to podcast distribution:
    • Get your podcast on the right networks (and as many as possible)
      • Big networks you want to be on: iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, Google Podcasts, YouTube, Stitcher, etc.
    • Create a podcast website or add to your own website
      • Houses all of your episodes
      • You can have written summaries or transcripts, links, subscribe buttons, etc.
      • The website will also display in search engines
      • Grow an audience by sharing website links on social media
      • If you have a separate website, you can track who is visiting and listening better than if you had a page on your current website
    • Be consistent to gain traction and popularity 
      • Post on a consistent schedule
        • Ex. posting weekly at the same time 
      • Listeners will start to expect your content based on the schedule you’ve set
      • Publishing episodes periodically or whenever you feel like will ultimately lead to the podcast being a failure and a waste of your time
      • The consistency will build brand credibility, too

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