Healthy Automation In Social

From research to lead generation, we’re seeing more automation in marketing strategy and practices. Is it the right choice for your brand or business?

Today, we’re talking about ways to implement automation in marketing and whether it makes sense for your brand or business. As we’ve implemented more automation into our own business, we’ve developed three questions to help decide if it’s right for you:

  1. Is this something that’s repeatable?
  2. Is it time consuming?
  3. Is it really necessary?

While discussing these three questions and how to answer them we covered a lot of ground when it comes to time management and marketing technology. We also talked about:

  • Not being scared of automation – make it your friend.
  • The benefits of automation for your time
  • Automating the mindless-tasks
  • Recognizing recurring problems and answers
  • The value of social listening for connecting to customers
  • Setting up alerts with automation
  • The power of email parser tools
  • Using chatbots to qualifying customers and determine interest
  • Authentic automation vs unauthentic automation
  • Not trying to fake human interaction
Automation is an incredibly powerful tool for marketers to have. It allows you take a lot of your repeatable and time consuming tasks and automate those processes. This allows you to focus on tasks that require a higher level of… Click To Tweet

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