Growth Hacking Your Content Marketing

In 2019, content marketing is no longer just a way to set your brand or business apart from competitors – it’s a necessity.

Today, we’re talking about how you can growth-hack your brand or business with content marketing. Growth hacking is this idea of, “how can we get as many customers up front as we can while spending the least amount of money?” There are three components that make up an effective content marketing strategy:

  • Creation
  • Distribution
  • Amplification

While discussing these components, we covered a lot of ground when it comes to audiences, strategies, and research. We also talked about:

  • Growth hacking’s origins in startup circles
  • Understanding your customer to create content that matters to them
  • The Holy Grail of marketing
  • The importance of psychographics in content marketing
  • The “you” hack
  • Maximizing efficiency in content creation
  • Audience location online dictating strategy
  • The importance of being social media savvy to create content for networks in native form
  • Indicators of when to amplify
  • Learning from unsuccessful content
  • Facebook Ad Manager
  • Using PPC to promote long-form written content
  • Creating a piece being the starting point – you then have to modify it for every network
  • Hitting on all cylinders for effective content marketing
Want to attract more customers, and spend less money? Master the three components of successful content marketing: 1. Creation 2. Distribution 3. Amplification. Share on X

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