Does Youtube Really Work for Business Marketing?

Youtube is the second most-popular site after Google, but does it make sense for your brand or businesses marketing efforts?

In this episode we cover the discoverability benefits of your brand being on Youtube. 

Some of the details we discuss:

  • Kids asking “Is this going on Youtube?”
  • Youtube is the #2 site and search engine after Google
  • Facebook and Instagram trying to catch up with Youtube when it comes to video views
  • The difficulty of being a Youtube star or influencer
  • The SEO an discoverability benefits of being on Youtube as a business
If you're a brand or business, you're probably not going to be a Youtube star. But, you can still benefit from the boost to SEO and the improved discoverability that comes with being on Youtube. Share on X
  • Making searches in Youtube vs Google
  • Youtube ads
  • Viewer habits
  • 6 second preroll ads and how they correlate with our attention
  • Creating good video content
  • Algorithm changes that happened in 2018
  • Long tail keywords as a strategy for discoverability in search
  • Being more relevant in search
  • Impression and click-through rate data are now shown in the Youtube studio back-end
  • Clickable titles and thumbnails
  • Don’t keyword stuff!
  • The machine learning AI behind photos — Google Cloud Vision
  • Social media’s role in SEO value

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