Design Tips for a Digital World

Many agencies, designers, and marketers grew up in the era of print design, but are the same techniques still relevant in the digital era?

Today, we’re talking about the graphic design tips for digital marketing and social media. In this episode, Art Director Whitney Brockman joins our co-founder Tyler Kelley to talk about tips and best practices in designing for digital.

Whitney designs day in and day out for clients at SLAM! Agency, and she shares her first hand information on how to be relevant in the digital world. They discuss:

  • Print design vs digital design
  • Thinking about the big picture and goal in design
  • The storyline of digital
  • The ability to take risks in digital marketing
Graphic design is an important component of digital marketing on social media. These pieces of content are short-lived. This allows for you to take risks with your designs and get instant feedback on whether it's working. Click To Tweet
  • Data and instant feedback in facebook
  • Being quick in producing content
  • Taking risks within brand guidelines

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