How to Craft a Winning USP

Today, we’re going to talk about the USP (Unique Selling Proposition). Your USP is the way you explain your position against your competition and all other choices. In other words, what makes you so great from everyone else? In this episode, Michael and Tyler discuss some memorable USPs in today’s marketplace, who your competition really is, tips for crafting a memorable USP, and much more! 

We discuss:

  • Most companies say their USP is their quality, features, customer service, price, etc., but this is not unique enough to stand out
  • Memorable USPs in today’s marketplace:
    • The happiest place on earth. – Disney World
    • It melts in your mouth not your hands. – M&Ms 
    • Brewed with pure rocky mountain water. – Coors Brewing Company
  • Your competition is more than just other brands who offer the same product or service
    • Also think about people’s personal choices that would avoid purchasing from your business
    • Ex. a chocolate company has competition from people who diet
    • Solution: a USP that mentions being a “healthier chocolate option”
  • USP’s don’t have to be 100% factual, in fact, most are not
  • Put yourself in the shoes of your buyer personas and ask this question: 
    • “Why should I choose you over every option available to me?”
    • Your USP needs to be prepared to answer this question
  • Tips for crafting a winning USP:
    • Review competitor websites for keywords
    • Know your buyer personas and their pain points
    • Define your organizational strength
    • Instead of thinking about the “What” of your business think about the “How” or the “Why” to get deeper
  • BONUS TIP: create a venn diagram to help create your USP
    • Circle 1: Your organizational strengths
    • Circle 2: What’s important to your customer
    • Circle 3: What your competitors are not addressing
    • The innermost circle should tell you what you need in your USP

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