Start Converting Potential Customers: Conversion Rate Optimization

“It’s not about how many people we can get to your site. It’s about how many of those people actually are able and willing to buy what it is that you’re selling.”Tyler Kelley

Today, we’re talking about conversion rate optimization and the tools that go into the process of converting customers over to your product. There are smaller details that go into the making of a successful website from its images down to its color scheme. In this episode, Tyler and Michael discuss the various contents that go into attracting and converting potential customers to your website. 

We discuss:

  • Conversion Rate Optimization: 
    • How it uses psychology
    • How it uses creativity 
    • How it uses copywriting
  • Basic Content of Landing Page
    • Page headline (title) and subtitle
    • Images/Videos
    • Format
    • Color scheme
    • Paragraph(s) of text
      • “Buy-terms”
    • Information being requested of prospective client
      • Low Threshold Info
      • High Threshold Info
  • Pre-Frame Page
    • A page with a thorough explanation of your product
  • Trustworthy Content of Website:
    • “100% Satisfaction Guaranteed”
    • BBB Accredited 
    • “https” (secure site notification)
    • Awards or recognitions 
    • Customer reviews
  • Origin of Website Traffic:
    • Title tag
    • Meta Description tag

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