Better Business Starts With Better Branding

Today we’re going to talk about branding. A common misconception is that brand is all about the visual face of your business. When we think of brands, we usually think of logos. To clarify; brand is not a logo, slogan, color or design. Brand comes before the logo. It is the promise you can make and keep to your customers. It is foundational to a strong business and your most important asset. Brand is where your purpose, value proposition, and competitive differentiation intersect. In this episode, we go over the ways your business benefits by crafting a unique and well-defined brand and some best practices on where to begin.

We discuss:

  • How a strong brand can:
    • Increase market share
    • Increase revenue 
    • Decrease price sensitivity 
    • Increase customer loyalty 
    • Give you more leverage with suppliers and service providers :
    • Give you the capacity to mobilize your organization
    • Get people to rally around and pursue a purpose 
    • Allow you to retain quality employees 
  • Internally, branding can give you clarity of vision and a filter by which to make decisions 
  • Brand = Promise
  • Why you exist is more important than what exists
  • Defining your organizational purpose
  • Understanding what value you bring to your customers and how it benefits them
  • What differentiates your business from other markets 
  • Defining impact: What are the results?

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