Are Super Bowl Commercials worth the $$$$ in 2019?

Television advertisements used to be the pinnacle of advertising content creation, but in 2019 is it still a viable medium?

Today, we answer the 5.25 million dollar question- is a Super Bowl commercial spot worth it? We discuss whether this spend is worth the cost, and in general, whether TV is still a viable advertising medium. While working through the answers to these questions, we also discussed:

  • Where is people’s attention?
  • 4.6 billion pieces of content uploaded to the internet daily
  • People are spending more time managing information rather than acting on it
  • Advertising saturation
    • Logos are everywhere
  • Fragmented attention
  • The increasing price of attention

Is this [advertisement] something that someone is going to pay attention to? The answer is going to determine, based on the value of the attention, how much you should be paying and if it’s worth it.” -Tyler Kelley

  • This is one time of year people actually want to watch commercials
  • Super Bowl audience demographic is wide
  • Millennials are not watching traditional broadcast programming
  • Basing your medium on your audience
  • The type of people that are still watching television commercials
  • Everyone has a smartphone- don’t rule out digital advertising
  • Questions to ask before you advertise:
    • How attentive will the audience be in the medium you’re advertising on?
    • How aware is the audience of your brand?
    • How does my content engage with the audience?
    • Is my content relevant to them?
  • Attention & financial means at your disposal should be the deciding factors on advertising
Before advertising, marketers should consider these 3 things: How attentive is your audience in each medium? How aware of your brand are they? Is my content relevant to them? Click To Tweet

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