Seeing is Believing: 7 Types of Video Marketing

Today we are going to talk about video marketing. Now more than ever, we are realizing the importance of connection. Seeing a face, hearing the sound of a voice, and listening to a compelling story is powerful and matters to us. We don’t just want to scroll through blogs and slog through texts hoping to get what we need. We want to see and experience things. This is why video marketing should be an essential part of your marketing strategy. In this episode, Tyler runs through 7 types of videos that you can add to your arsenal and utilize to amplify your content marketing.

We discuss:

  1. The Teaser Video: a small tidbit of information leading watchers to your website
  2. The Testimonial Video: providing social proof for the end user
  3. Brand Story Video: use this type to really paint a vibrant and compelling picture of who you are
  4. Tutorial Video: sets you up as the expert and draws people to seek out your business when they need it
  5. Explainer Video: this one helps take new and challenging concepts and puts it into words a potential customer can understand 
  6. FAQ Video: this type is best suited for platforms like YouTube and is a great way to optimize an instant answer
  7. Highlight Video: a great way to showcase aspects of your product or service to potential clients

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