5 Major Keys For Writing Web Copy

Today, we’re going to talk about mastering copywriting for the web. Copywriting standards have stayed the same for decades, so just because the mediums we market and advertise on have changed, doesn’t mean the way we write copy has to change, too. In this episode, Michael and Tyler discuss 5 important keys you NEED to become a master in copywriting on the web for your brand or business. 

5 keys to becoming a master copywriter:

  1. Copywriting is not about being creative – it’s about converting
    • Flowery language might look and sound good, but it doesn’t always do the job when it comes to conversion
  2. Write scannable copy 
    • 90% of people scan copy looking for keywords, instead of reading
    • Headline is important + broken up, easily scannable copy
  3. Know who you are writing for
    • The “who” are your buyer personas
    • Write to them as a singular person
    • Use lots of “you” language
  4. U.S.P. – Unique Selling Proposition
    • AKA: value proposition
    • What makes your product or service unique and different from your competitors?
    • Review your competitors and see what keywords and language they’re using, make a list, then don’t use those keywords in your copy
  5. Ask for the sale
    • Create a strong CTA

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