The 4 Pillars of Customer Acquisition

There are two ways your business can create revenue: acquisition and retention.

In this episode, we explore the key elements of customer acquisition and how you can use them to your advantage.

As a marketing director or business owner, it is crucial that your marketing strategy is efficient and delivering profitable results.

Our research has found that there are four key factors that predictably drive customer acquisition results.

There are 4 key factors that go into driving consistent, predictable customer acquisition revenue. Do you know what they are? Share on X

We have closely watched successful businesses and (time and time again) we see the commonalities that differentiate them from the rest.

We call these the 4 pillars of customer acquisition. They are:

  1. Strong Brand
    • This is the promise you make to your customers and the promise you can keep.
    • A strong brand has a strong message, identity, and tells a compelling story about who you are.
  2. Market Awareness
    • This is the process by which you make your market aware of who you are and what you do.
  3. Targeted Lead Generation
    • This is advertising that targets the right person with the right message at the right time and in the right place in order to generate a qualified lead for your business.
  4. Sales Proficiency 
    • When hitting on all cylinders, the best marketing professionals and programs also pay close attention to the final result, i.e. sales.
    • By aligning sales and marketing, you set your organization up for long-term success.

The flip side of the coin is customer retention. You can increase your customer retention by delivering on your promises, bringing value beyond the scope of the agreement and providing a high quality product or service.

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