Top 3 Storytelling Frameworks (that actually sell)

Today, we’re going to talk about the top 3 storytelling frameworks you should be using in your messaging right now. As you already know, storytelling will always connect with your customers more than anything else in your marketing, so why not follow some easy frameworks to streamline your marketing messages? By using a framework, you stay organized and in-tune to your customers needs, without reinventing the wheel every time. In today’s new episode, we’re going to discuss 3 major storytelling frameworks to help you fine tune your messaging in a way that drives more results.

We discuss:

  • Remember: facts tell, stories sell
  • Stories will always connect with customers more than anything else in your marketing
  • The benefits of story frameworks
  • Common marketing mistakes:
    • Not tuning your messaging into the WIIFM frequency
    • Your offer is not clear and confuses the customer
  • Different types of frameworks:
    • Story Brand (SB 7) Framework by Donald Miller
      • This framework is a common hero story: the hero (your customer) meets a guide (your brand) and is on a journey to find a solution to their problem. Your guidance (your CTA) will solve their problem and provide a happy ending for the hero.
      • Think about movies with similar storylines like Rocky, Star Wars, Harry Potter, etc. for examples.
    • Pixar Framework by Emma Coats
      • Once upon a time there was a [BLANK] and everyday they did [BLANK], but one day they discovered a problem which led them to do [BLANK], which put them in a bad situation. Now, they are seeking help. They meet a guide (your brand) to help them and solve the problem. 
      • Think about any Disney movies for some examples.
    • C.A.R. (Context, Action, Results) Framework
      • Context: set the scene for why the story matters to the customer
      • Action: provide a CTA to the customer 
      • Results: show the customer how their life will improve/transform

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