The 3 Storytelling Arcs Your Brand Must Have

If you notice inconsistencies in your brand’s message, chances are your audience has too. These inconsistencies can create confusion for customers, which can be a barrier to being a buyer.

Today, we’re talking about how you can take your brand from a hodgepodge, to a unified brand experience. We’ll give you three storytelling arcs to frame your digital experience and content creation strategies. By following these three arcs, you’re guaranteed to create a unified brand experience:

  • Brand narrative– Why does your brand exist? What is its purpose?
  • What problem I’m solving- Over this year, this campaign, etc.
  • Creating individual content- The content flows from the other arcs

While discussing these three storytelling arcs, we covered a lot of ground when it comes to storytelling, congruency, and unifying the customer’s experience. We also talked about:

  • Why the creator of Gilligan’s Island used the origin story in the show’s theme song
  • Confused customers don’t become buyers
  • Find your why- mission statement, values, employee manual
  • A strong purpose allows your customers to make a connection
  • People make decisions with emotion, back it up with logic
  • The importance of buyer personas
  • Looking at groups through the lens of- what problem does my brand solve?
  • Problem solving for individual buyer personas
The most successful brands have great storytelling. They create content that has an individual message for a specific buyer persona. The content illustrates how they solve the buyer's problem, and it's done in a way that's in-line with… Share on X

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