5 Reasons to Work at SLAM!

  1. We Care

    Working late? You won’t be alone. Whether we’re finishing a project, celebrating a victory or cheating on a diet, we’re doing it as a team.

  2. Hakuna Matata

    Leave your stress at the door. Our employees enjoy coming to work. Dress code… What’s that? Wear a smile and you’ll fit in just fine.

  3. You’ll be Heard

    We only hire the brilliant and the talented. That’s why our employees aren’t afraid to speak their minds. From Intern to Founder, everyone has a voice here.

  4. No Guilt Trips

    Our employees don’t Google, “excuses to miss work.” We understand when you need to work from home or take the day off.

  5. Obligatory Enjoyment

    Want to join our team? Be warned: You may be called upon to be featured in a #RAK video, test out homebrew or race Whitney (undefeated) around the office in your chair.





No Current Openings

There are no current openings. Please check back soon.