Payne Family Homes

Payne Family Homes is an award-winning residential construction company, and one of the 25 Fastest Growing Companies in Saint Louis. Founded in 2006 by David Payne, 30 year president and CEO of PayneCrest Electric, the company has become one of the premier home builders in the Midwest.

Most home builders sell features. Spacious living areas. Modern kitchens. Smart storage. These are wonderful and necessary, but promoting features isn’t the way to create lifelong customers and raving fans. In this campaign, we link the joys of everyday life with the experience of living in a Payne Family home. This positive association allows the brand to create strong emotional connections with their target market.

Payne Family Homes has set out to be at the forefront of the digital consumer experience, and we are helping them to get there.

We are currently wrapping up a total redevelopment of their web presence which will include streamlined UX, interactive home search, and video tours. This site is optimized for search, mobile and lead generation.




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