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Fireworks Timelapse

Co-Founder and Chief Creative, Michael Johnson, set up in a remote Southern Illinois field to ignite fireworks in celebration of the United States of America. Fortunately for us, he filmed the whole thing. And now we’re sharing this July 4th Fireworks Timelapse with you. Hoping you find it as wildly engaging and hypnotic as we did.

Giving Away Free Pizza

We know acts of kindness produce increased levels of serotonin and improved immune system functioning in both the givers and receivers of the acts. And anyone who observes the act of kindness also experiences these effects. That’s why we partnered with St. Louis Pizza and Wings to give away St. Louis-style pizza to random people in downtown St. Louis. And we filmed it. Watch the video here.

Paying for Strangers’ Gas

We had about $150 dollars in our bank account when we decided to break through the scarcity by giving away all that we had. In this video, we took what we had left and used it to buy some strangers’ gas. While producing this video, we realized that when we feel and act rich, riches follow us. There are no limits except the limits we place on ourselves, and when we feel broke, we should give something away. There was no looking back!

Our First Commercial

This commercial set out to describe our agency as more than just a business or a marketing partner. Rather, for our clients, we are difference makers, hope dealers, and future shapers. We begin with a simple question for the viewer to ponder, “What if you operated from a different mindset? A mindset where there’s no competition? A mindset where you create your own destiny?”